Thursday, February 10, 2011

UFO Sighting - France: April 24, 2007

On April 24, 2007 possible proof of alien life was obtained by a number of different amateur cameramen when a UFO sighting took place in the South of France.
The first report of the French UFO sighting came in at around 5:30pm local time when the first cameraman grabbed his home video camera and recorded what he thought was a UFO. He claimed that the UFO from his UFO sighting hovered a low altitude around the homes in the area and then stayed there barely moving and soundless until after dark.
At first he thought he may have been the only person to spot this UFO sighting. So, he posted the UFO footage he collected on YouTube to both share what he thought could possibly be proof of alien life and then also to see if anybody else had seen the UFO.
This is the UFO video he posted. He gets a pretty clear shot of the possible UFO in the UFO footage and in both the close up and more distant shots in the UFO video we can get an idea of it movement and height in the sky.


He soon found out that he wasn't the only person in Southern France to experience a UFO sighting on the evening of April 24, 2007. In response to his posting of this UFO video a few other videos popped on the site showing what must be the same UFO sighting.
This UFO video was filmed at 7:30pm the same evening and it appears to be looking at the same UFO but from a different perspective. It does seem to move at the same speed as in the first UFO footage.

One other UFO video from the same night was also posted and the person that posted the UFO footage said that his UFO video was taken at 6pm. He estimated that, from his perspective, the suspected UFO was at least the size of a passenger plane. As with the first UFO sighting report, he commented on the lack of noise coming from the object.

 Was this UFO sighting in the South of France proof of alien life? That is for you to decide in your own mind but for at least three people in France the answer is yes.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Portuguese Class boring. Now, if you think otherwise, I may well find you, stalk you, hunt you and massacre you until you admit you were wrong. If that's not extreme enough for you then I don't know what is.
I am writing this blog as  Miss Barros writes on the board. Students turning around and discussing what not when meant to be writing about Gil Vicente. I must say, Portuguese is turning into more of a history lesson, which is interesting in fact, much better than flippin Speaking of history, I didn't pick the subject for GCSE. Its not that I 'dislike' it, it's just that I prefer geography and if I picked both, well, it would be a lot of work. Anyway, back on to Portuguese!
Tomas Ayash is prentending to be Socrates, waving his arms round like a politician, calling for a debate. We start reading more Gil Vicente


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wrath of the Midgets


Now, as crazy as it might sound, it has been proven by a group of professors at King's College, London, that in fact, genetically short people, entitled as 'midgets', really do have night vision!
Astonishing and indeed surprising, one of our many followers, Julius Minimus, wrote to us stating:

"I am so very shocked to find that midgets have night vision! I'm a midget (and proud)  but I had no idea I had the ability to see in the dark! All those nights sneaking downstairs to the fridge in the dark, walking into things, really got me annoyed, not to mention the fact that I can't reach the top of the bloody fridge!!1!"

Another follower, a woman aged 33 living in Manchester, added to the long list of comments we had to filter this morning, "This is sooo unfair! Just because they're shorter they get to see in the dark!"

The news was first revealed Tuesday evening when Dr.Grayson, professor at King's College, explained that 'it is a genetic advantage to make up for their lack of height when hunting in the open fields; it's lethal.' There was l8ter a demonstration in which two fully grown midgets where seized upon and locked in a completely dark room for an hour.They were asked to get to the other side of the room without knocking into anything, quickly. This would enable Dr.Grayson to distinguish the 'night-vision midgets'. However, as the test seemed positive (both completing task), it was discovered that one of the midgets had his iPhone out so that he could use it as a torch. Tut tut...test repeated and it was succesful. Yes, I am writing a bunch of garbage and have no idea how a midget would possible be able to see in the dark, but hey, i managed to write my blog!

If you think this load of nonsense was somehow close to entertaining, I suggest you go see your doctor. If you think otherwise, or that it was a complete 'fail' as young teenagers nowadays unnecessarily tend to say, then please, tell me and I will stop this...crime...of writing daft things. Anyway, if your bored (and you should be, I mean, it is my blog) go watch some Frankie Boyle or something, that guys a legend...


is what I'm lacking. Creativity is what I need. Education is killing me, I think I'll smoke some weed :)